Steiner on Thinking and Criticism

I came across this quote recently. It pertains to the uses of thinking, something that I don't think a lot of people actually think about. Mostly, we simply take our thinking for granted and speak or write whatever pops out of our heads, without pausing to think wearing a particular idea comes from more why we might hold it. And certainly very few people indeed will take an idea they disagree with and actively attempt to find the circumstances under which is true.

"The undeveloped person, said Rudolf Steiner, uses his power of thinking for criticism; the developed person searches out viewpoints from which he can see how things are connected, and learns to survey causes and effects."

Albert Steffen. "Meetings with Rudolf Steiner." Dornach: Verlag Für Schöne Wissenschaften, 1961. Page 65. Translated by Reginald Ernest Raab, Erna McArthur and Virginia Brett.

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