Steiner on Positivity

This quote is related to my last posting, and speaks to how we can practice thinking in opposites and overcoming our natural inclination to stay at our first conclusion.

"Step Four: Freedom from prejudice. This, the fourth characteristic, sees good in everything and looks for the positive element in all things. Relevant to this is a Persian legend told of Christ Jesus. On day Christ Jesus saw a dead dog lying be the wayside; he stopped to look at the animal while those around him turned away in disgust. Then Jesus said: "What beautiful teeth the dog has!" In that hideous corpse he saw not what was ugly or evil but the beauty of the white teeth. If you can acquire this mood, you will look everywhere for the good and positive, and you will find it everywhere. This has a powerful effect on the physical and etheric bodies."

Rudolf Steiner. "At the Gates of Spiritual Science" London, 1970. Page 111. Lecture of September 2nd, 1906 titled "Occult Development." This is the fourth of the six prerequisite exercises before beginning occult training.

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