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The contents of the volumes “Faculty Meetings With Rudolf Steiner” (also known as Faculty Conferences or Conferences with Teachers) belong to the least reliable portion of Rudolf Steiner's works. What you are reading is a translation of a summary by an editor of the notes of some of people who were sitting in the faculty meetings. These are not word for word stenographic recordings, and certainly not anything Rudolf Steiner ever reviewed himself. Editors Erich Gabert and Hans Rudolf Niederhäuser, working at the Steiner Archive, constructed these volumes using primarily the notes of Dr. Karl Schubert, one of the founding teachers at the first Waldorf School, and complemented by the notes of other participants. As Gabert and Niederhäuser note in their preface, "...the notes all have a very fragmented quality. The editors’ task was to position the fragments so that they support one another, thus giving the most complete picture possible." Heavy editing went into the reconstruction of Steiner’s statements, and these are not at all his actual words. There was considerable debate whether to even publish them, but since even less complete versions were circulating, the Archives decided to proceed. Bear this in mind when reading them.

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