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I was talking to my friend Stephen Usher today about the website we designed for the Austin Branch of the Anthroposophical Society. We are still trying to decide if we like the color of the background. It is nice to have a soft watercolor - it gives a bit of an ethereal feel - but it could be distracting. I brought this up after talking to Caron of Sontec Instruments, who is looking to put a website together for the Colorado Anthroposophical Society. We'll see if the site they design uses a flat color background or if they used a painting.

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Hello Daniel --- I am happy to have found this - your website - in order to extend my gratitude for the work that you have done on the Rudolf Steiner archive. Steiner is a brand new find for me ---- I came upon his name somewhat accidentally (if there is such a thing) but in my first encounter with his work, find that I have come full-circle back to my own core belief systems. I am in the very new stages of finding a comfortable jumping-off place to this incredible body of work. I want/need/must know more!!!! I am thrilled to find the lectures on the archive website. I already have found that much has been written ABOUT Steiner, I want to read and absorb the man's own words.

I don't know who you are, Daniel Hindes - or how you have the time and resources to devote to such a large body of work - but however you do it, thank you. If you have any helpful tips for entry into Steiner's work in a logical progression, please feel free to respond. If not, no reply necessary or solicited. Except to acknowledge and praise you for your contribution to the work, I do not wish to impose myself on your time.

At present, I've jumped in, am wallowing and thrashing about, taking in a good deal of water, and somehow managing to have a good time in the process! It isn't pretty but I want as much as possible, as FAST as possible! This work is so amazing that I am baffled as to why it took me so long to discover it!

Warm regards, Annette Crespo

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