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I was looking at my Defending Steiner site recently when I realize that there was no easy way to get an overview of the whole thing. I know what it looks like because I built it. But if you landed on the main page you would not easily see at a glance everything that is there. So I decide what it really needed was a Site Map. So that is the latest thing I have added.

Defending Steiner Home Page
Rudolf Steiner - Links to Biographical Information
Index of Allegations
Was Rudolf Steiner a German Nationalist?
Was Rudolf Steiner was an anti-Semite
Does Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophical approach to medicine reject conventional scientific medicine?
Was Rudolf Steiner an admirer of Heinrich von Treitschke?
Was Rudolf Steiner a disciple of Friedrich Nietzsche?
Was Rudolf Steiner a member of Theodore Reuss's OTO?
Index of Misconceptions
What is a Root Race?
What are "Sub-Races"?
Steiner and the mythical "Nordic-Germanic Sub-Race"
What is an Anthroposophist?
Index of Refutations
Contra Staudenmaier: A Critique of "Anthroposophy & Ecofascism"
Index of Articles
Anthroposophy and Science
Rudolf Steiner and Ernst Haeckel
Rudolf Steiner and Fredrich Nietzsche
Rudolf Steiner and Guido von List
Rudolf Steiner and von Trietschke
Rudolf Steiner and Theodore Reuss
Rudolf Steiner and the OTO
About Daniel Hindes, author of this site.
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Book Reviews
Ecology in the 20th Century – A History By Anna Bramwell
The Fate Of The German-Speaking People And Their Plight – Is There A Way Out? By Karl Heyer
Who is __? A list of related persons.
Rudolf Hess
Peter Bierl
Gregor Schwartz-Bostunitsch

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