Baby Slings

Slings for carrying babies are much in vogue among attachment parenting circles. Books such Jean Liedloff's "The Continuum Concept" have also brought the importance of the carrying babies in slings to late 20th-century audiences. I find it interesting that Rudolf Steiner also recommended this practice.

"When I was back at home again Dr Steiner advised me to put the child in its pram in the garden or an the terrace when it was warm enough, but told me not to wheel it about in the pram but to carry it in its 'pillow-bag' as one used to do in the olden days, then it would experience the same rhythm as when it was in the womb."
Reminiscences of Rudolf Steiner and Marie Steiner-von Sievers
By Ilona Schubert
Temple Lodge Press, London 1991

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