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Peter Staudenmaier

When Peter Staudenmaier subscribed to the Anthroposophy Tomorrow group on Yahoo to discuss his understanding of Steiner's works, he and I exchanged viewpoints on a large range of topics, from philosophy to methodology of historical investigation. These are archived over at Yahoo, but it is quite tedious to navigate, so I present them here. Lest I be accused of selectively quoting Peter Staudenmaier out of context to his disadvantage (a charges I have leveled against him repeatedly) I have included the entire message.

I must apologize to those browsing through on how tedious this whole exchange can get at times. That is how it is trying to have a dialogue with Peter Staudenmaier - the conversation is never direct or necessarily even very respectful. He has never once admitted an error, even an inadvertant error, in anything he has ever written (though his most obvious errors he conceeds quietly by revising them out of later versions his works). To believe his version, he is simply incapable of anything short of perfection. Trying to have a discussion with a person possessing such an attitude can be tedious indeed.

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