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Peter Staudenmaier

One of the most prolific critics of Anthroposophy working in English right now is Peter Staudenmaier. Peter writes quite well, and his articles succeed in making his polemical points quite effectively. My main problem with Peter Staudenmaier's writing is his disregard for the accuracy of his citations; he consistently distorts his sources to make his polemical points. When called on this, he invariably responds that he would never do such a thing, but the record speaks otherwise.

I have made an exhaustive study of this in examining Staudenmaier's article Anthroposophy and Ecofascism. In introducing my examination I write:

In his article Anthroposophy and Ecofascism Peter Staudenmaier, who claims for himself the status of an honest and thorough scholar, gives an overview of Rudolf Steiner, anthroposophy and anthroposophists during the Nazi era that few scholars of Rudolf Steiner or his era would recognize.

Staudenmaier seems genuinely concerned with fascism and it's rise, and I share his concern with, and interest in, the period. But he seems just as wedded to his misconception of Steiner and his determination to prove at all costs that his portrait of the man is more accurate than the one that most other scholars of Steiner draw. It is not so much the opposing viewpoints that I object to, it is the "at all costs" part. This includes fabricated quotations, intentional mistranslations, and misrepresented context, as well as partial citations and a complete and deliberate failure to come to terms with Steiner's own philosophy. I'm not sure why Peter goes to such lenghts to misrepresent Steiner, but he does, and stubbornly defends his distortions when confronted with his them. Clearly he is unconcerned with accuracy.

For specific instances, see:

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I am not the only person to have noticed Peter Staudenmaier's lack of accuracy. Sune Nordwall has detailed a number of similar issues on his web site. His page is titled On the Stories by Peter Staudenmaier.

Likewise Tarjei Straume shows Peter Staudenmaier at his usual tricks.

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